What is EmpowerED?

  • EmpowerED is a new eLearning portal powered by Center for Innovation -- the new alliance between The Green House Project and Pioneer Network
  • It is THE destination for the most expert-driven, cutting edge, interactive eLearning content for aging care on the market
  • It is the only aging care platform that combines BOTH self-paced study AND live, expert, instructor-led training, all in one course bundle

What content is currently available through EmpowerED?

  • The Person-Directed Living Certificate is currently available, with special modules just for managers and leaders
    • Leader/Manager modules help staff in supervisor rolls fully integrate what you learn from your training into your organization, from top to bottom.
    • These modules equip managers and administration to use the system effectively to get the ROI from the course and transform the care culture!
  • The certificate for direct care staff is obtained by completing four badges (Building Foundations, Creating Home, Engaging the Heart, and Empowering Teams) in 12 micro-learning sections
    • These 12 micro-learning sections take learners approximately 3 to 4 hours of self-directed study, and 1 hour of instructor-led virtual training for direct care staff AND leaders both.

What multi-seat discounts are available?

  • We offer discounts for organizations purchasing multiple seats as follows:
    • 1-99 seats: $99.99/learner 
    • 100-249 seats: $94.99/learner (5% off)
    • 250-499 seats - $89.99/learner (10% off)
    • 500-749 seats - $84.99/learner (15% off)
    • 750+ seats: $79.99/learner (20% off)

Who should train with this eLearning content?

  • The PDLC is geared toward the direct care workforce in nursing homes, assisted living, and homecare
  • It is also appropriate for nursing, activities, recreation, therapists, and any other staff who have contact with elders, including support staff such as office/administration, dining room, housekeeping/custodial, and volunteers

How does the instructor-led module work?

  • The final section of the "Empowering Teams" badge is a virtual session through Zoom, where all learners interact directly with a Center for Innovation (Green House Project & Pioneer Network) educator, to review and solidify the concepts learned in the first 11 sections.
  • Instructor-led sessions will be offered a minimum of once per month, at varying times, to fit your staff's busy schedules
  • Learners will "unlock" the ability to sign up for an online session once they have completed all of their badges
  • Learners must complete this session to receive their PDL Certificate!

What courses are available right now?

  • Visit the catalog to see what is available!
  • We currently have the Person-Directed Living Certificate, which also includes The Person-Directed Living for Leaders & Managers course

What do we mean by badges and gamification?

  • Learners earn multiple badges for each certificate, keeping them excited and engaged in their learning
  • Learners can earn points and play against each other and other sites within your organization
  • Learners will be able to print a certificate with all of the badges included, after all course requirements are completed

Is the content static or will it be updated?

  • The first course is available now! Additional courses will be available by the end of 2023. PDLC-level two and additional courses available in early 2024.
  • Content available on the platform goes through a bi-annual review and will be updated as needed.

How about other languages?

  • Coming Soon: a Spanish language version of the Person-Directed Living Certificate, with more languages added each quarter.

How do we get register and sign up team members?

How does access work?

  • We will be offering various types of courses through EmpowerED, with different access types
  • The Person-Directed Learning Living Certificate purchase gives learners is a 3-months of access
  • Additional “seats” may be purchased – one seat per learner.
  • Each learner's access period starts when they login to the system; start dates can be staggered to best accommodate staff schedules,

I purchased multiple seats. How do I enroll myself?

Follow the steps/screenshots below:

1. Click on "Enroll"

2. Type in your last name, and then click the check mark under it.

3. Click the little grey arrow, and then click the enroll button.

4. You will now see the course in your dashboard.

I purchased multiple seats. How do I enroll my learners?

There are three different ways that you can enroll your learners:

  • Use the bulk email feature to send all users the same email using the LMS system or your client. They will receive the email and sign themselves up by clicking on the link, or entering the access code from the course page.
  • If the user is with you, you can directly enroll them with the access code from the course page.
  • If you have purchased more than 25 seats, then you can contact us and we can set you up with a free manager account to upload your users in bulk. For many users, this is the most efficient way to add users.

I'm confused about coupons vs. access codes. Can you clarify this?

  • A coupon is something that you enter after you click the "purchase button". You enter that where it says "Apply Coupon" in the checkout process. 
  • Access codes are entered where it says "enter access code" on the main page for the course you are trying to buy.

What support will I have to implement this with my learners?

  • Each course will come with manager resources available through the EmpowerED portal that will equip you to on-board your staff to learn with EmpowerED
  • Managers will have access to reporting tools that show them where each of their learners are in their learning process
  • Managers will have access to learner forums, where they can view and respond to learner discussion questions
  • Each seat you buy guarantees a seat in the Center for Innovation-led online interactive session! 

What are forums, and how to they work?

  • Part of learning is being able to talk to one another
  • Learners will respond to at least one forum while they are completing course requirements
  • It is up to each organization how involved they want manager and admin level staff monitoring and responding to the forum -- it just depends on your learning culture and what makes sense for you

How do groups work?

  • This feature is still in beta testing and not automatically available to everyone
  • In time, EmpowerED groups will work a lot like Facebook groups, where everyone in a similar role is able to communicate with each other, share best practices, and help each other problem solve

How much does it cost?

  • It is $99/learner for 3-month access to the Person-Directed Living Certificate. Bulk discounts are available beginning at 100 learners or more.
  • An unlimited number of managers/admins who are tracking access/use of your organizations eLearning and training programs can be added, at no additional cost.
  • Contact us by filling out your information at  https://thegreenhouseproject.org/elearning/ to learn about bulk discounts and other types of discounts that may be available

We use another eLearning platform for required trainings. Can the two systems “talk” to each other?

  • It depends! Please contact us and let us know what system you are interested in linking with EmpowerED. 
  • For Relias users with admin accounts, the PDLC can be assigned as an external training.

What devices can my learners use to complete the certificate?

  • EmpowerED content works on all smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers
  • Please Note: this content and the eLearning platform is created as "mobile-first" and is optimized for smartphones, yet it can be completed on any device listed above