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Person-Directed Living Certificate - Sandbox

For someone else
For someone else
Enrollment for this course is currently closed.

Created by the Center for Innovation, an alliance of The Green House Project & Pioneer Network

If you are purchasing more than 25 seats, please contact us for special pricing and a discount code! 

Here is the course outline:

Introduction & Badge 1: Building Blocks

Recognize and apply the main ideas behind person-directed living

Badge 2: Creating Home

Describe what real home should look and feel like each day in an eldercare environment

Badge 3: Engaging the Heart

Effectively support elders in creating meaningful life, communication, engagement, purpose, and wellbeing

Badge 4: Working Together

Recognize the power of your own individual actions and how to effectively work as a team

Instructor Led Training Session

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ILT Session Test

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Badge 5: Leading for Transformation

A PDLC badge for leaders & managers


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Person-Directed Living Certificate
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