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Person-Directed Living Certificate

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Created by the Center for Innovation, an alliance of The Green House Project & Pioneer Network

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Here is the course outline:

Welcome to Person-Directed Living

Welcome Video & Pre-Course Survey

Introduction & Badge 1: Building Blocks

Learners will recognize, apply, and discuss the main ideas behind person-directed living -- ageism & stereotypes, relationships & deep knowing, and person before task.

Badge 2: Creating Home

Learners will describe, identify, and discuss what real home should look and feel like each day in an eldercare environment, including real home, power of normal, simple pleasures, retained abilities, dignity of risk, and elder choice & control.

Badge 3: Engaging the Heart

Learners will identify and discuss how to effectively support elders in creating meaningful life, communication, engagement, purpose, and wellbeing by applying the concepts of whole person care, purpose, and reciprocity.

Badge 4: Working Together

Learners will recognize and discuss the power of their own individual actions and how to use shared decision making to effectively work as a team.

Sign Up - Live, Online Training Session

A link that says "sign up here" will appear AFTER you have completed all four badges!


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

PDL Certificate
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